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Uncle Teo’s Quality

Our “Uncle Teo’s” quality seal is inspired by the founder’s relentless search for only the BEST QUALITY provisions to customers.

QUALITY is best explained in three main characteristics – Affordable, Reliable and Trusted.

We do not compromise good foods for discounted prices, even if it means thinning our margin. Costs are always the main factor when it comes to importing the right supplies. Henceforth, Teck Huat & Company is always negotiating for the best costs with our suppliers, and looking into innovative measures to reduce overheads and improve productivity. In doing so, we repay our customers with Affordable prices.

Uncle Teo and his dedicated team brought Teck Huat & Company through several economy and political hurdles. Since 1927, we remained steadfast and committed to our business beliefs and ethics. Known to be Reliable for our dealings, we worked closely with big-name supermarkets and grocery chain stores for close to a century.

Trusted food producers and suppliers are the essence of crafting the present THC. We work with the best to ensure the best is related to our customers. It is a constant, two-way maintenance relationship with our suppliers, as well as continual communications ranging from periodic factory visits to R&D sharing, that keeps THC competitive and relevant.

Indeed, it is an ART as we promise Uncle Teo’s quality in each and every product of ours.

Our Business

Teck Huat & Company envisions to provide the best products in four key areas

Dairy Products

THC maintained and still holds the trademark for the “Lifeguard” brand of dairy products. Moving forward, we are vertically integrated and are expanding our range of dairy products to include modern formulas and processes.


In line with our Company’s vision to provide the best quality produce, THC has embarked on several agricultural projects in countries like Australia, Malaysia and Myanmar. All products manufactured by THC and its affiliates are cultivated in a sustainable manner. To ensure quality, fertilizers used are “Organic Fertilizers Produced Locally”. Our brand of organic fertilizers, “The Fatso”, manufactured in Maymyo, Myanmar, is now available in the market.

Wines & Spirits

As our consumers are becoming increasingly affluent, we listened to their needs and have added wines & spirits into our portfolio. In this juncture, THC’s wine portfolio includes Old World wines as well as New World wines from Australia, Chile, and New Zealand. Check out our flagship store in Yangon, “Marco’s Cellar”, which will be brought to you in July 2016.
We want to keep you updated with the current happenings
and latest trends on the business industry through our blog.

We want to keep you updated
with the current happenings
and latest trends on the business
industry through our blog.

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