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Come onboard as a partner with Teck Huat and Company Pte Ltd

These are the benefits of being our partner.

  • Knowledge Sharing. We will engage you in a know-how expertise sharing consisting of a wide pool of knowledge, skills and contacts that will enable you to achieve your strategic objectives with ease.
  • Increased Brand Awareness. We will provide you with an opportunity to heighten the awareness of your brand and company. An increased brand awareness leads to a growing business.
  • Increased Customer Base. We will help you search for new ways to increase your current clientele and also reach out to new potential customers.
  • Opportunity to Reach New Markets. We will work hand-in-hand with you to produce a strong synergy and together we will be able to unleash our combined potential to penetrate into entirely brand new markets that we could not have done so by ourselves.

Teck Huat and Company Pte Ltd has presence in the Singapore and Myanmar markets

Singapore is an established market that has developed significantly over the past many years. It is a country that has been able to harness the positive impacts of globalisation to emerge as one that has a strong and stable economy.

One of the main catalysts for our company’s success is that we deal and work with a wide array of renowned food suppliers that help ensure that we only distribute the highest of quality food products to our communities. We have seen Singapore through various difficult and challenging times, and up till today, we are still standing strong amidst competitive markets.

Myanmar is an emerging market that has started opening up to foreign influences in the recent years after about half a century of isolation from the outside world – it has managed to come thus far from its autocratic days to what it is today. It is one of the few remaining markets that is still largely untapped in the whole world.

Our company saw its potential to develop into a thriving market and to date, we have been operating there for close to a decade. We have a localized company there that is headed by Singaporeans, but run by a team of dedicated locals from Myanmar – they genuinely know and understand how the local market works like, inside-out.

“This is Myanmar, and it is quite unlike any land you know.” – Rudyard Kipling, Letters From The East (1889)

Hop on the ride with us

As complex as it is for international markets to enter the Singapore and Myanmar regions, we will help you ease the process to do so as we know our way around in both markets. By being your business partner and market analyst, we minimise the amount of hassles you have to go through by making a beeline for your products to be prominently placed on shelves in the region.

With the consumer dollar shrinking significantly, we should henceforth come together to think up innovative strategies and ways to strengthen our grasp on market share and create a synergistic partnership that will enable us to stand out in the crowd, instead of competing with one another for a small piece of pie in a large world.

We want to keep you updated with the current happenings
and latest trends on the business industry through our blog.

We want to keep you updated
with the current happenings
and latest trends on the business
industry through our blog.

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